EWN Weather Watch: Joburg get your sun hats out, hot weather forecast for Thurs

JOHANNESBURG – Hot weather conditions can be expected throughout the country on Thursday.GAUTENG:
Partly cloudy but hot temperatures can be expected for Johannesburg and Pretoria on Thursday, with highs of 27°C and 29°C respectively.
Gauteng Tomorrow ‘s Weather overview: 17.9.2020 pic.twitter.com/OgyOMtX1VP— SA Weather Service (@SAWeatherServic) September 16, 2020
Durban will see a mild high of 21°C, while Newcastle will see a high of 27°C.
Kwazulu Natal Tomorrow ‘s Weather overview: 17.9.2020 pic.twitter.com/eA96fAOj4x— SA Weather Service (@SAWeatherServic) September 16, 2020
After a rainy Wednesday in Cape Town, sunny conditions can be expected for the city on Thursday with a high of 19°C while George will see a high of 18°C.
Western Cape Tomorrow ‘s Weather overview: 17.9.2020 pic.twitter.com/RSCFiXQ9Wo— SA Weather Service (@SAWeatherServic) September 16, 2020
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