Nzimande: ‘We must intensify struggle to end tenderisation of the state’

JOHANNESBURG – The South African Community Party (SACP) has called out people who have stolen money meant to deal with COVID-19 in the country including implicated African National Congress (ANC) members.Addressing the 99th anniversary of the SACP on Sunday afternoon, its leader Blade Nzimande said the abuse of funds sets aspirations of the alliance to better the lives of many South Africans back.Billions of rands have been stolen through dodgy government tender dealings with some prominent names being accused of graft.Nzimande said law enforcement should take harsh steps against those involved in unlawfully benefiting from the funds.“We must intensify the struggle to end the tenderisation of the state and the corruption that it breeds and tackle its associated tendencies, like tenderpreneurs and their COVID-19 manifestation, what some are referring to as covidpreneurs.”Last month, President Cyril Ramaphosa signed a proclamation allowing the Special Investigating Unit to probe allegations relating to the misuse of COVID-19 relief funds.Download the EWN app to your iOS or Android device.Source: EWN

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