Brrrrace yourself GP – weather service predicts intense cold front from Tuesday

JOHANNESBURG – The weather service has forecast a cold front from Tuesday, with temperatures expected to drop to -1 degrees in Johannesburg.⚠️ ALERT: INTENSE COLD FRONT FROM TUESDAY!!— Gauteng Weather (@tWeatherSA) May 22, 2020
On Friday the South African weather service warned of a sharp drop in temperatures from Monday, 25 May 2020 due to the snowfall in Lesotho and the Free State.The cold front is expected to hit the Northern Cape and Western Cape on Monday.Farmers have been warned to take necessary precautions against the expected widespread frost on Wednesday.⚠️Farmers need to take precautions for the expected widespread frost over the central and southern interior on Wednesday morning (27 May 2020).— SA Weather Service (@SAWeatherServic) May 23, 2020
Other provinces that will feel the pinch of the cold front is the North West, KwaZulu-Natal and the Mpumalanga highveld.⚠️ Intense cold front expected to spread to the Eastern Cape, Free State, KZN, NW, Gauteng and Mpumalanga Highveld on Tuesday (26 May 2020).— SA Weather Service (@SAWeatherServic) May 23, 2020
Source: EWN

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