Church leaders urged to repent

By Arron Nyamayaro

Family Life Ministries International church bishop, Albert Chikuni, has described the coronavirus pandemic as a call for church leaders to repent.

Bishop Albert Chikuni
Bishop Albert Chikuni

Narrating recent divisions, fights and an increase in the number of prophets of various churches, Bishop Chikuni said it was the devil’s plan to find a way to attack people at a time when church was asleep.

“COVID-19 has silenced most church leaders because they were caught unaware and busy manipulating the word of God in order to enrich themselves while others were fighting for positions,” said Bishop Chikuni.

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“Church ministries increased as well as prophets for the past years that we expected them to deal with evil but it fuelled the dirtiness since their motives were not good.

“Coronavirus is an awakening call for church leaders to refocus, to repent and seek the wisdom of God not to seek financial muscle.

“We were happy when cinema houses were turned into worshipping places unaware that the church leaders were after empting people’s pockets by preaching the gospel out of context.

“This time God’s anger has come and has forced everything to stop and has taken over the pulpit to minister to the whole world bringing their self-glory, financial muscles to nothing.

“Church is now like the biblical exiled Israelites when they sang songs at River Cheba in Babylon remembering the time they were worshiping in Jerusalem.

“Church plays an important role in guiding political leaders, traditional leaders and the community at large but they forsake their call to fight for positions in churches, amass wealth and abuse women and children.

“COVID-19 has come to teach us that the world cannot do without each other whether poor or rich and what affect one country can affect the whole world.

“As a religious leader I do not hesitate to say Science has far improving faster than spirituality hence the leading of science is now a frightening venture.

“COVID-19 came at a time when the church, expected by God to change people’s lives was asleep and busy preaching the gospel of prosperity and this prosperity has been proved by the mighty God that it is nothing to save people from his anger.

“I would love to see genuine called church leaders to come in the open and confess their wrongs and repent during this lockdowns announced in all nations and with that God will heal the land,” said Bishop Chikuni. H-Metro

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