WATCH: Mai Titi, Zizoe Love Was A Marketing Strategy

MAI Titi’s much publicised fall-out with her younger lover, Zizoe PaMyk, was only a marketing strategy meant to benefit them in their separate businesses.

Mai Titi is a comedian while Zizoe is a musician.

However, the two had a nasty fall-out early this month while on a working holiday in the UK. Zizoe is now back in Zimbabwe while Mai Titi is expected back in Zimbabwe in June.

Last week, Mai Titi took to social media, claiming that Zizoe was not the best man in bed and usually left her unsatisfied. This week, she took another dig at her former Ben 10 to share details on their relationship.

In a video circulating on social media, Mai Titi claims that at first their relationship started as a marketing strategy, but led to a love relationship before their recent fall out.

Mimmy Zee Amai Kimberley

Posted by Mai Ts Diaries on Thursday, March 26, 2020


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