DA accuses Joburg councilor Anthony Still of being ANC supporter

JOHANNESBURG – The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Friday said it had unmasked one of its councillors in Johannesburg as an African National Congress (ANC) supporter.The party said that Anthony Still broke ranks with the organisation and failed to adhere to DA instructions.On Thursday, DA councillors staged a walk out of the Joburg council in protest at what they described as a council presided over by an illegitimate speaker.But when they left, Still remained, showing allegiance to the ANC.The DA’s Funzela Ngobeni said: “…And when we got the point where us as the leadership of the caucus instructed the caucus to walk out, the councillor decided to remain in the council chamber together with the ANC and their partners. And by remaining, that was decorum to continue with the illegal meeting.”Ngobeni said Still would be disciplined: “Disciplinary processes are going to start kicking in headed by our Federal Legal Commission and inform us of the results thereof.”This is the second time in two months that a DA councillor has broken ranks in Johannesburg.Three DA councillors voted to elect an ANC mayor last month. Two of them have since been sanctioned.Source: EWN

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