De Lille mum on Good party’s financial backers

CAPE TOWN – Patricia de Lille’s Good party has officially got an interim leadership and broad policy positions from which it will draft a manifesto before the end of the month.But the former Cape Town Mayor won’t reveal who the party’s financial backers are, just yet.De Lille says she will do so once all political parties are obliged to meet the requirements of the Political Party Funding Bill passed by Parliament last year but which is yet to be signed into law by President Cyril Ramaphosa.Announcing the party’s leadership on Sunday, De Lille said that for now, the movement was relying a lot on crowd-funding.The Political Party Funding Bill, which requires all political parties to reveal their funding sources to the electorate, was passed at the end of November.There have been widespread calls from civil rights groups for President Cyril Ramaphosa to make it law before this year’s general elections.Good Party leader Patricia de Lille says her movement supports transparency but for now, she’s remaining tight-lipped on her own party backers.“And we think it will only be fair for all parties to do it at the same time, because the kind of funding we will be getting compared to other political parties, there’s big differences.”De Lille says there’s no purpose in revealing Good’s financial sources unless other political parties who receive far greater funding are doing the same.Source: EWN

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