[LISTEN] Book claims to expose apartheid govt’s lies about Dimitri Tsafendas

JOHANNESBURG – Eusebius McKaiser discusses the newly released book The Man Who Killed Apartheid: The life of Dimitri Tsafendas with political analyst and lecturer Richard Pithouse.He argues that this book has a place in the country’s archives, as it permanently changes the whole understanding of an era in our history.It reveals the extent of the cover-up by South Africa’s authorities and the desperate lengths they went to conceal the existence of Tsafendas’s opposition to apartheid. The book exposes one of the great lies in South African history, that Verwoerd was murdered by a madman. It also offers for the first time a complete biography of this extraordinary man.The Man Who Killed Apartheid, demonstrates that Dimitri Tsafendas acted sanely when he decided to assassinate Verwoerd. However, this book now reveals the truth about Tsafendas; that he was deeply political from a very tender age.Listen to the audio for more.Source: EWN

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