Drunk woman from bar beats up soldier husband

By Michelle Gwizi

A soldier was assaulted by his drunken wife for taking long to open the door when she was coming from a bar.The woman allegedly broke down the door with a shovel and then attacked her husband.

Lingani Siziba (33) appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Mr Lesigo Ngwenya who remanded her in custody to tomorrow for sentence. She pleaded guilty to domestic violence.

“I admit that I hit my husband but it is because l was angry. He took too long to open the door and l lost my temper,” she said.

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Siziba and her husband Mr Silvester Njiva reside at Kumalo Airfield Mzilikazi Barracks (formerly Brady) in Bulawayo.

Mr Leonard Chile, for the State, said this happened early this month.

“On November 9 this year at around 9:15PM Mr Njiva was sleeping at his home. His wife came home drunk and knocked on the door.

“He delayed opening the door and Siziba forced open the door using a shovel and tried to assault him with the shovel but she did not succeed because her step daughter stopped her by holding her,” he said.

The court heard Siziba shouted at her husband asking him why he locked the door when he knew that she was not yet in. Neighbours came to try and make peace but as soon as they left Siziba hit Mr Njiva with a stone.

“Suddenly Siziba picked a stone from outside and hit her husband once on his upper lip,” said Mr Chile.

Mr Njiva sustained a swollen mouth, was taken to the charge office and spent the night there as his wife slept in their house.

He reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of his wife. The Chronicle

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