PF alleged that UPND National Chairperson was caught buying votes today

LUAPULA Province PF Chairperson Nickson Chilangwa has alleged that United Party for National Development (UPND) National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango was this morning caught at one of the polling stations  buying votes in Kawambwa.

According to PF repoprts, voting started peacefully in Kawambwa’s Ntumbacushi Ward with a very impressive turn out at all polling stations until Nalumango who in the company of UPND youths stopped at Matende polling station.

According to eyewitnesses, Nalumango was seen dispensing cash to voters on their way to the polling station.

Kawambwa district Returning Officer Ken Mulumbwa approached Nalumango and asked her to leave as what she was doing was against the electoral code of conduct but Mulumbwa’s advice fell on deaf ears, as Ms Nalumango  verbally abused Mulumbwa for  telling her to leave the polling station area.

“You are an idiot! You are PF why are you telling me to leave this area. Stop being stupid. PF is going in 2021 and you will all be sorted out,” a visibly annoyed Nalumango was heard screaming at the Returning Officer.

It was at this point that some alert PF youths went to chase Nalumango from the polling station to stop her from buying votes, but she refused to leave until Police was called in to take her away from the scene.

Luapula Province PF Chairperson Nickson Chilangwa who is currently in Kawambwa, his constituency rushed to the scene to see for himself what Nalumango was doing.

The Kawambwa lawmaker who described Nalumango’s behaviour as foolishness warned the UPND National Chairperson to stay from polling stations as she was being provocative.

Mr. Chilangwa wondered why Nalumango who had served as Minister and Deputy Speaker in the MMD government was taking anarchy to the area.


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